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About Us

The GRAY system is a planetary system
made up of the same celestial bodies that
we have encountered in the solar system
and learned about it.
GRAY is the main Token for the whole
Every planet that is developed will have a
utility in the Gravity Metaverse ecosystem.
Owning GRAY therefore means having
advantages, such as:

– Access guaranteed to new presales
– Reflections from other planets
– NFT giveway
– Other benefits to be revealed

Token Distribution

Distribution of Tokens will take place after Presale end. You will be able to withdraw the purchased GRAY Tokens on an Bep-20 wallet.
The breakdown of percentages for tokenomics is as follows:


Team tokens are locked for the first 12 months.

Tokens reserved to advisors will be locked for 1 month minimum.

Token Details

Token Ticker GRAY
Private Sale START – May 20
Tokens to sell: 500.000.000 GRAY
Pre-Sale START –  September 1
Tokens to sell: GRAY
Launch Price 1 GRAY = $ 0,0001
Currencies Accepted BUSD – BNB
Private Sale Price 1 GRAY = $ 0,00006
Pre-Sale Price 1 GRAY = $ 0,00008

Tax on Buy and Sell

10%     BUY TAX

 10%     SELL TAX

Transaction Details

The Tax Model on the contract will be same in buy and sell and will be as follow:

Auto LP40%
Container BNB30%
Dev / Marketing20%

Features of Gravity Metaverse

GRAY brings together vendors and buyers without a central bank or single administrator to ensure clear and fair deals

The team opted for a private sale as the
first offer of the token; and as a second
step a presale; like for the distribution, also
in this case, private sale and presale will be
different based on the achievement of the
The price of the private sale, for each single
token, is set at $ 0.00006

GRAY is a BEP-20 smart contract deployed
on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that
aims to provide new Tokenomics.
The GRAVITY METAVERSE team has set
itself a double objective in this way: firstly,
token consolidation, but also an increase
in the number of tokens. A long-term value
of the token for its holders.

The token obviously plays a fundamental
role in the entire GRAY universe, or rather
the GRAVITY METAVERSE. It will become
the reference currency of the project.
Having a real and effective its value
receives a constant increase in value over
time. In fact it will play the role of the sole
means of use and payment.

Supported by



This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • Phase 1

    Team creation
    Idea and project development
    Sale of sponsor packages
    Team KYC
    Opening up social media
    Landing pages and DAPP presale creation
    Apollo 22 mission launch

  • Phase 2

    Start of Presale
    Start Development Game Mercury Rocks
    Start Development Venus MetaEarth
    Start Development MarSwap
    Marketing Campaign
    Public Sale on Pancakeswap

  • Phase 3

    Launch Venus MetaEarth
    Announcement of new missions on other planets
    Gravity online store opening
    Launch MarSwap
    The next steps will be released later.

Gravity Metaverse Team

Let us introduce you to the team that
will make it all happen.


Co-Founder / CCO


Co-Founder / CTO


Co-Founder / CSO

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